You dream it. We web it. 


Some of our clients do not know where to begin when they first inquire about hiring us to design and build a website for their business. We guide you with the phases that we go through when working on a website, as well as the some of the steps that are necessary for the Client and designer to consider through the process. The process may seem enormous, but we'll walk you through it smoothly.

PHASE 1: Pre-Design and Site Map
We make sure your target market, website goals, business, color and design preferences, etc., before starting with the design phase. We will also work with you to finalize a simple site map. A site map is a representation of the architecture of a web site. The structure of a website's content is highly considered during the design phase.
If you do not have a web host or domain name purchased, we will set these up for you with affordable and reliable companies that are highly recommended.

PHASE 2: Design
We first present Clients a homepage design. Once the homepage is approved, we give a sample subpage design and revise until final approval.

PHASE 3: Coding and Production
This is where the magic happens. You get to sit back and relax while we code the approved website design. We consider search engine optimization according to your business and industry, and code the site according to leading website design and coding industry standards.
At this point, you will need to be finishing up the content for your site, if you haven't already. When the site is complete, we will fill in the content that you provide to us. You can explore the options of utilizing our copyeditor to look over your content and check for grammatical and spelling errors or we shall provide you with the entire content based on your product’s requirements.

PHASE 5: Completion of website
Updating content on your website can be done in two ways. You can email us changes and we shall do the updates or you can have a Content Management System built into your site during the coding phase. With a constant change of information on the Web, many websites have the need to update its content on a regular basis. Our content management system (CMS) solution allows you to update your content including text, image and other multimedia files as well as add, edit or delete pages and categories.